The Housing Authority of the City of Fort Myers (the “Authority” or HACFM) is a public housing (PH) authority created by the City of Fort Myers in 1960, pursuant to Chapter 421 of the Florida Statues.

The Authority is governed by an experienced Board of Directors that serve as governing officers. Commissioners ensure that the Authority operated within the law and according to the U.S, Department of Housing and Urban Development regulations. They also ensure that the Authorities purpose, goals, and responsibilities are carried out in an efficient manner.

The City of Fort Myers has a diverse population and the Authority provides affordable housing for the low-income individuals and families who cannot afford housing in the private market. The Authority has general statutory authority to operate within the City limits of Fort Myers (the “City”), and within the County Limits of Lee, to develop, own, and manage public and affordable housing. The Authority has also partnered with local profit and not-for-profit groups of the community desiring to provide more affordable housing options for the citizens within the City and surrounding Counties. The goals the Authority and these partnerships have are to redevelop public housing; create new housing; support development of community services and seek funding and resources for citizens.

The Authority is responsible for the administration and management of over 1300 housing units and 2500 Housing Choice Vouchers, of which includes special purpose vouchers for VASH, Mainstream, and Emergency Housing.  The Authority, its Commissioners, and its partners, are committed to preserving community historical roots while building and redeveloping communities that are affordable and viable in the present.

HACFM Mission

The Mission of the Housing Authority of the city of Fort Myers is to provide affordable housing for the low-income individuals and families who cannot afford housing in the private market. The Authority intends to comply with its mission by:
  • Engaging community stakeholders as partners to align with HACFM around strategies that will lead to: repairing existing units that need improvements; redeveloping conventional public housing as a pathway to creating additional affordable housing opportunities for citizens of Fort Myers; enhancing the Community Supportive Services (CSS) programming; and improvement to our client’s access to family resources.  
  • Providing sustainable housing solutions and self-sustaining Community Supportive Services programs, that can interrupt generational poverty and assist families with upward mobility and economic independence. 
  • Ensuring organizational excellence through enhancements to our existing compliance policies and procedures, while working toward Financial independence, through creative funding opportunities.
  • Creating and meeting prioritization plans for the neighborhood transformation of conventional public housing, while adding new affordable housing and market rate opportunities to the citizens in need. 

HACFM Vision & Goals

The vision of the Housing Authority of the City of Fort Myers is to be a catalyst in the community, working toward the achievement of stable housing options, while having the ability to provide residents with a clear pathway to independence and success.

The Southwest Florida Region depends on its residents having access to quality affordable housing that provides stability and a sense of home. Our long history of excellence in providing affordable housing is expanded upon in our goal areas and is designed to amplify the region’s ability to care for its neighbors in need.

The role of the Authority and The Southwest Florida Affordable Housing Choice Foundation, in this regional effort, is to be a catalyst for the expansion of affordable housing stock in and around the Fort Myers areas. This is to be accomplished in a sustainable fashion that preserves our ability to serve residents and ensures our financial and organizational longevity. The Authority works with the community to administer successful Housing Choice Voucher Program and project-based assisted housing programs.  It also works to change the face of public housing by transforming and renovating the distressed areas in Fort Myers and Lee County.

Each of our goal areas are paired with specific strategies to enact the changes necessary and create the desired impact or change. The Authority believes that in succeeding with its mission and vision, paradigm shifts in public housing culture, and values will occur.

We believe our mission can be accomplished by establishing: positive incentives for resident self-sufficiency; providing comprehensive community supportive services that empower residents and support the de-concentration of poverty; promoting mixed-income communities; and assuring equal access to safe quality affordable housing for our existing and future clients.

Strategic Goals

Photo of mixed family with children

The focus areas listed below are accompanied by goals and strategies to achieve them within this strategic plan.

  • Strengthen Our Community
  • Develop a robust resident services program designed to interrupt generational poverty
  • Develop enduring collaborative solutions
  • Work towards financial independence from HUD through self-sustaining projects
  • Maximize our staff’s potential, performance, and outcomes as a foundation for overall agency success