Resident Councils

The Housing Authority of the City of Fort Myers (HACFM) has four Public Housing properties.

  • Bonair Tower Resident Council
  • Horizon Apartment Resident Council
  • Southward Village Resident Council
  • Royal Palm Tower Resident Council

A Resident Council is a group of Public Housing residents who organize by holding elections for officers and adopting by-laws that serve as a roadmap for how the council will conduct its business. Public housing tenants are vital in organizing and participating in their resident council:

Role of Resident Council

  • Improve the quality of life
  • Resident satisfaction
  • Participate in self-help initiatives
  • Enable residents to create a positive living environment
  • Actively participate through a working partnership with housing authority ( CSS Department), (Property Managers) to advise and assist in all aspects of public housing operations

Resident Council Requirements

Consist of persons residing in public housing must meet the following listed below. May represent residents residing:

  • In scattered site buildings – Bonair Towers, Horizon Apartment, Southward Village and Royal Palm Towers
  • In areas of contiguous row houses or
  • In one or more contiguous buildings
  • In a development; or
  • In a combination of these buildings or developments.
  • Must adopt written procedures such as by-laws, or a constitution which provides for the election of residents to the governing board by voting membership of the residents residing in public housing
  • Written procedures must provide for the recall of the resident board by the voting membership. Set number of percentage voting
  • Must have a democratically elected governing board elected by voting membership no more than 5 elected board members: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Parliamentarian/Sergeant-at-Arms.

Eligibility for Resident Council Membership

  • Public Housing resident name must be on lease
  • Meets the requirements of the by-laws
  • Council may establish additional criteria that are non-discriminatory and do not infringe on the rights of residents in the development (must be in by-laws)
  • Right to vote designated head of household (any age) other members of household 18 years or older whose name appears on the lease
  • Who meets the requirements in established by-laws and in compliance with the lease may seek office and serve on the resident council governing board.

Current Residents

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Community Supportive Services

HACFM is equipped with a Community Supportive Services Department. The mission of this Department is to provide services that create an environment fostered toward families becoming economically self-sufficient.

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